Old School Barbering Meets The 21st Century.

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    Men’s and Boys’ Hairstyling

    From the age of 2 on, men and boys can come in and have their hair professionally cut by any of our barbers, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a traditional barber shop. Our haircuts include traditional styles, such as fades and military cuts, as well as modern styles.

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    Straight-Razor Shaves

    Modern safety razors do not compare to the closeness or relaxing feeling of a steady hand performing a traditional straight-razor shave. First, our barbers prepare the skin by applying a series of hot towels to the face, followed by a pre-shave facial scrub, and then more hot towels.

    A base shave cream is applied, and then a hot lather applied over it. An extremely sharp straight razor is used to remove unwanted hair, guided by the skillful hand of a professional barber. After all straight-razor shaves, another hot towel is used to remove shave cream and stubble. We then apply an astringent, followed by men’s talc powder, to condition the skin.

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    Beard and Mustache Trims

    Our professional barbers will perform a shape-up of the beard and mustache according to your preference. First, the beard and mustache are cut down to your desired thickness. Then a straight razor lineup will give a pronounced and finished look.

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    The Tune-Up is a simple service that we are very well-known for. Our professional barbers will edge and shave your neck, side burns, and around the ears to keep you looking great between your usual haircuts.

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    Traditional Style

    Just like our services, our barber shop is decorated in a traditional manner, right down to the striped barber pole. You’ll find flat screen televisions playing sports along with cool background music to help you relax.


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